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Short-term pawn options

Do you need cash today?

When you need money, and you need it fast, visit Best Pawn in Memphis, TN. Our fast and friendly staff will evaluate your item and give you the highest possible loan or purchase amount. We will take into consideration the quality of your goods to offer you an unmatched price.

Common collateral items:

- Gold

- Jewelry

- Coins

- Hollow ware

- Power tools

- Musical instruments

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Do you need money for a utility bill? Do you have a debt to pay? We can help you transform your financial situation overnight! Visit us today at 3202 Jackson Ave.

Best Pawn is family owned and operated. We care about you and your family!

To learn more about our pawn services, call us today at

For your protection, every item we buy is thoroughly tested and inspected.


DISCLAIMER: We do not sell guns.